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Jul 27, 2018
In Touring in Shanghai
Just listen to the bustling streets and blaring car horns, it will likely tell you more about when to walk than the traffic lights will. With the sweltering heat hovering in the air, no one wants to waste another drop of sweat crossing the busy road, but with lack of alternatives, we are forced to. Jaywalking in China is almost like an art. You must plan right; then you must weave your way through barely-slowing-down cars. This art form is embedded into the culture of every major city in this country and has inevitably helped China’s tourists master it as well. A simple visit to the West Lake today displayed plenty of examples of jaywalking. Beside the scenic, calm waters filled with row boats were a series of crowded, loud streets filled with honking cars, essentially merging modern Chinese culture with past Chinese recreations. My trip today highlighted an example of the fast-paced growing society in China influenced by its diverse past.
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