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ICBG International Leadership for High School Students Program

As the educational entity of ICBG, Academy of Excellence (AOE) provides various leadership programs to our students and members. We also collaborate with China's Leadership for High School Students to promote students leadership worldwide. 

After the convention in July, 2018, many parents suggested a gathering to discuss the event in order to plan for the next year. We have a sign-up form here for parents to provide dates for the gathering.


To enroll into our 2019 international team, please click here

AOE offers leadership courses. Click here to learn more

A proud look-back to our successful 1st Sino-America High School Students Leadership Convention in Shanghai, China, in July 2018.

The links below in four panels provide more resources and information about this 10-years-long program. Please use them to help you familiarize yourself with this program.

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