Jul 29, 2018

Shanghai Touring Day 2


Today, we first visited an urban planning museum. I felt that most of it was just okay, so we spent some time sitting and relaxing. Later, we went to another museum, which was more interesting. They had information on Chinese history and culture. Even though the wait was very long, it felt worth it. Finally, we visited Nanjing Lu, a street filled with many streets. Unfortunately, it was very modern/western and most of the products were expensive. There were no good souvenirs, so we just bought some drinks, browsed stores, and relaxed.


Picture of the an exhibit in the first museum.


Jul 29, 2018

The models in the urban planning museum were pretty cool, but the rest of the museum was not very interesting.

The second museum was very interesting, and I especially liked the traditional Chinese paintings exhibit. The line was super long, hot, and boring, but I think that it was more or less worth the wait.

The Nanjing Road was kind of pointless because we couldn't afford anything there, but it was interesting to see a more western shopping experience in China.

Jul 29, 2018

Let’s make big money and then come back later to buy the ice cream

Jul 30, 2018

Impressive miniature replica of Shanghai. Thanks for the photo. Did you ask them how long long it took them to make it and if the staff is updating it regularly as new infrastructures are built?

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