Jul 30, 2018

David Song 7/30

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Today was a very eye opening experience. Although some MINOR disappointments(the crowdedness and KFC), i found today and the previous days as an increase of cultural understandment of China.

Just like many others, I would generalize China as a overpopulated, poverty driven, and a disgusted place. But through the learning of history(museums) and the amazing scenic sight seeings i feel appreciative and understandment of how this country became to be over the years. To see what the country has been through since the past thousands of years; to see the beutiful calmity and relaxing gardens, or such a large and magnificant city at night, i feel a pride to say that this is my "hometown country" and part of my culture as a chinese american.🇨🇳🇺🇸



Sorry for not going in too depth, me mot making sence, typoes, and grammitical errors, am very sleepy.😴


Jul 30, 2018

Thank you for your writing, David!

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