Aug 6, 2018

Xuancheng Anhui Camp Reflection


This camp has taught me so much. I made so many new friends and got to experience so many new things! I had the privilege to live with a student and it was fantastic! Vera is so sweet, I couldn’t have asked for a better traveling experience! I went touring with the camp and I saw some of the most amazing things! I will never forget the beautiful Anhui mountains. As for teaching the class, I definitely learned a lot about becoming a teacher. I have now realized that I have been taking my teachers at school for granted. I really liked interacting with the students and learning how I could improve on my teaching skills. I am extremely grateful for this experience, it really expanded my mindset and gave me insight into what it's really like to be a teacher. Thank you :)


New Posts
  • I greatly enjoyed the teaching exercises and lessons during the xuancheng camp. I really think that I learned a lot about how students my age act and react and a lot about Chinese culture. I do think my lessons could have been improved, but given the time constraints this was not possible.
  • Today, morning, we learned the history and writing of Chinese calligraphy, and visited a Ziwei Cave in the afternoon.
  • Today in the morning we had an engaging hands-on Chinese calligraphy activity. It was interesting to see the slow but significant evolution in Chinese characters. In the afternoon, we went into a cool cave. I didn’t expect to see so much history engraved in the walls of the cave, but we really got an insight into how rich ancient Chinese history is. The boat ride was a fun touch to the whole experience. 

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