Aug 9, 2018

Lecture reflection - Jordon 8/9

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Jordon’s lecture reflection: Today and yesterday we had two lectures from two different teachers so far. The first class was about paper cutting and the chinese culture behind paper cutting and folding. The other lecture was about writing chinese words and talking about the background behind different chinese writing variations of how chinese words slowly developed and changed throughout the years. Traditional and simplified chinese.

Aug 9, 2018

Yes a long history. Expect to see more in your reflection

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  • I greatly enjoyed the teaching exercises and lessons during the xuancheng camp. I really think that I learned a lot about how students my age act and react and a lot about Chinese culture. I do think my lessons could have been improved, but given the time constraints this was not possible.
  • Today, morning, we learned the history and writing of Chinese calligraphy, and visited a Ziwei Cave in the afternoon.
  • Today in the morning we had an engaging hands-on Chinese calligraphy activity. It was interesting to see the slow but significant evolution in Chinese characters. In the afternoon, we went into a cool cave. I didn’t expect to see so much history engraved in the walls of the cave, but we really got an insight into how rich ancient Chinese history is. The boat ride was a fun touch to the whole experience. 

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