Aug 6, 2018

Anhui Camp Teaching Reflection


I have already written a teaching reflection on the first day I taught, so some of the things I said may be repeated. I, like all the other American students, taught two lessons. On the first day, I gave a lesson on pronouns and subject-verb agreement and I gave a lesson about labs and projects in the US on the fifth day. For both lessons, I felt like the time was a bit rushed and I did not get to complete both lessons. I did not get through all my slides and give out the worksheet for my English lesson. For the STEM lesson, I ended up not giving my Electroplating presentation and ended up just talking about the slides. Although my English lesson was first, I feel like it went better than my STEM lesson. The high school students already seemed very familiar with pronouns and SV agreement but the middle school students found it a little more difficult. The lesson was probably still on the easy side for all the students. The projector did not work for the first half of the STEM lesson so it was a little more difficult to give it. I was not able to show the students the images and it was more difficult for the students to follow along and understand what I was saying. It was also a more complicated and difficult topic for Chinese students to understand. One thing I noticed about the students was that they did not like to raise their hands and answer questions, even if they knew the answer. Although I changed the way I taught my lesson to accommodate this, they did not get to practice their English as much as I wanted them to. Despite the language barrier and differences, I was glad that they seemed to understand most of what I was saying and teaching. Overall, it was a fun experience and I think I improved my speaking skills and learned a lot.

New Posts
  • I greatly enjoyed the teaching exercises and lessons during the xuancheng camp. I really think that I learned a lot about how students my age act and react and a lot about Chinese culture. I do think my lessons could have been improved, but given the time constraints this was not possible.
  • Today, morning, we learned the history and writing of Chinese calligraphy, and visited a Ziwei Cave in the afternoon.
  • Today in the morning we had an engaging hands-on Chinese calligraphy activity. It was interesting to see the slow but significant evolution in Chinese characters. In the afternoon, we went into a cool cave. I didn’t expect to see so much history engraved in the walls of the cave, but we really got an insight into how rich ancient Chinese history is. The boat ride was a fun touch to the whole experience. 

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