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AOE High School Student Leadership Course
Course Description:

The structure of AOE (Academy of Excellence) High School Student Leadership Course has three major components:

       Lecture on leadership skills and the way to develop/enhance those skills

       Carrying out a leadership project during the entire course processing (students’ own time, not the classroom time)

       Presenting the project in an international convention (may going abroad)

The course focuses on the vision, responsibilities, skills and capabilities a leader shall have. It is designed in a way that the student will learn, develop and enhance these leadership abilities through applications, project, teamwork and competition.  The course first covers the fundamental concepts behind leadership and the characteristics of a leader, as well as how leadership can take many different forms in different contexts. 

The course will then introduce the International High School Leadership Project, in which the students can work together to:

       Select a social problem or a scientific challenge the team wants to tackle. Define the project objectives (vision and social responsibility)

       Brainstorm on approaches to solve the problem. Select the best one and make plans

       Take roles in the team (teamwork)

       Reach out and Collect data

       Analyze the data and find the gap

       Gather feedback and adjust/update the plan

       Implement the solution and propose future steps

       Generate report and conduct lessons learned

       Prepare the presentation. Learn public speech. Learn how to handle questions

       Present the project in the convention

Throughout the process, every student will develop strong leadership skills, teamwork spirit as well as organizational skills, responsibility, integrity, and creativity. Ultimately, the course will help students become more effective leaders by working on a project in a group and  better citizens by reaching out to the communities.

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